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More and more people all over the world now use VPN (virtual private network) for their online security or anonymous Internet navigation, or even to by-pass censorship and country firewalls (China, for example).
It seems like there is a lot of VPN providers all over the web, and even more of them are free VPNs, so many people have asked us before – Why our Services are FREE?

Our service is 100% FREE! Customers don't need to pay anything to use our high secure Free VPN service. Our service is supported by online advertisement. Enjoy our excellent quality VPN service for your daily internet requirement to unblock web sites like HULU, facebook, twitter and more... FreeVpnGate VPN is a fast and secure network which you thru all devices connected to the internet.

Free VPN Recommendations

OpenVPN is a community-supported project with many developers and contributors from OpenVPN Technologies, Inc. and from the broader OpenVPN community. OpenVPN is a full-featured SSL VPN -- it is not a web application proxy and does not operate through a web browser.

However, for most home users, it will be difficult to understand the technical language and this will be a barrier to implementing it on your PC or Mac. To get some idea of what's involved, here's the link for their Quick Start Guide.